MWC 2017: Nokia reveals Its IoT Technology!

Nokia innovations help service providers, enterprises and governments use the Internet of Things (IoT) to create new opportunities for people, societies and economies, the demonstration took place in Barcelona at MWC event!

The IoT today is already creating new business models and connected experiences through the adoption of M2M and innovative new consumer products.

Nokia can help people position network and business for IoT success. It is a solution which provides the seamless fabric that combines end-to-end connectivity with flexible, secure, horizonal platforms, device certification and an IoT ecosystem. Nokia teams focus on real-world business models, use cases and building partnerships that will help you unleash the value IoT will bring your business.

At MWC, Suri announced that Nokia had won a three-year deal with Telefonica to improve the performance of its LTE network in London. Telefonica will be using Nokia's 4.5G Pro kit, which is underpinned by the Finnish company's Radio Access portfolio, Flexi Zone small cells, the NetAct network management system, Traffica real-time network analytics, and Nokia Global Services. 4.5G Pro will mean speeds of 1Gbps and latency of under 10ms from LTE networks, according to Nokia.

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