MWC 2017: MediaTek launches its Soc Helio X30 decacore

MediaTek announces the mass production of its Soc Helio X30 Decorative, engraved in 10 nm, with a presence in the first smartphones in the second quarter of the year.

The Helio X30 hardware platform is part of the MediaTek decacore processor family, and following the Helio X20, it will also be the first to be engraved in 10 nm FinFET by the TSMC chipmaker.

It takes up a tri-cluster configuration, with three core groups (2 + 4 + 4) in order to offer more possibilities in the activation of the cores according to the needs, which also makes it possible to activate the two greedy cores (ARM Cortex-A73) only if necessary.

The fine management of the cores is done through a CorePilot 4.0 supervision technology which has been further optimized with Helio X30.

The GPU part is a PowerVR Series 7XT, which promises 2.4 times more performance compared to the Helio X20, for a 60% lower power consumption. The SoC is also able to support 4K HDR10 video and manage dual photo sensors 16+16 megapixels, with zoom + wide angle combinations and effects in the pictures thanks to the dedicated Imagiq 2.0 chip.

The SoC Helio X30 is equipped with a 4G LTE Cat 10 modem that can manage aggregation up to 3 downlink frequency bands and 2 uplink bands.

MediaTek announces the launch of mass production now for MWC 2017 in Barcelona, which will ensure the presence of the Helio X30 in smartphones from the second quarter of 2017, with 35% more performance compared to Helio X20 for a reduced energy consumption of 50%.

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