MWC 2017: LG G6 a Big Screen that Fits in your Hand!

On its conference at the MWC 2017, LG has taken advantage to introduce its borderless high-end smartphone, the LG G6.

Since Samsung is absent from the MWC 2017, all the lights are now turning to LG and Huawei. the Korean manufacturer has just introduced its high-end premium smartphone, the LG G6.

-A screen covering 80% of the front panel:

One of the new features that come with the LG G6, is its borderless screen that covers 80% of the front panel according to LG. It may be less than the Xiaomi Mi MIX, but still a good improvement over the G5. It offers a 5.7 inch IPS panel with a Quad HD resolution (2880 x 1440 pixels)

Moreover, the Ratio of the display is slightly different from the standard since the screen is in 18:9 format and not 16:9, which make it slightly higher than usual. Finally, the LG G6 is the first phone to integrate Dolby Vision technology.

- Full specifications of the phone:

As we already know, the G6 did not offer the Snapdragon 835.At any rate, here are the full specs of the phone

-Display: 5.7 inches IPS LCD "Fullvision" 18: 9 ratio Quad HD 2880 × 1440
-Processor: Snapdragon 821
-RAM: 4 go
-Front sensor: 5 megapixels wide angle 100 °
-Rear sensor: sensor 13 megapixels 80 ° +  13 megapixels wide angle 125° sensor
-Storage: 32/64 go + micro SD
-Battery: 3300 mAh
-Security: rear fingerprint sensor
-Audio: Quad DAC
-Certification: IP68
-OS: Android 7.1 Marshmallow + Overlay

The LG G6 all-metal unibody borderless design attracts a lot of attention, especially thanks to the large 18:9 screen called "Fullvision" that the Korean manufacturer has offered.

Its particularity is underlined by the new LG overlay since it allows it to divide the rectangular screen into two perfect squares. For example, this will allow you to take square pictures for Instagram and see directly the result of it without leaving the application.

-Price and release date:

The LG G6 will be available in South Korea first on March 9th, and for the rest of the world sometimes late in March or April. For the price, LG didn't give us any information yet, but we can say that it will be somewhere between $500 and $700.

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