MWC 2017: HTC Unveiled A New VR With A Very affordable Price!

HTC unveiled its VR hardware with a very affordable price, which make the corporation a new target for all VR experience lovers, HTC audience at the MWC showed their enthusiasm toward the new device! 

The first hardware is Vive Tracker which can easily include everything around the user to a virtual world offering the user a great unique experience!

Features such as any sport tools can be added to the VR package in order to make the VR experience as real as possible, the price for the new hardware can not be over  99,99$!

Moreover HTC announced that its system of subscription will cost 6,99 $ only, and it will be available in the next few weeks. Actually, the new VR comes with new accessories such as the Bidirectional communication between the device and the desktop with more efficiency.

The New VR from HTC will be available since the third semester of this year!

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