MWC 2017: Ericsson Pioneering 5G and Tech Transformation!

Ericsson opened Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 with three stand-out announcements featuring partners and major customers. 

These included network evolution towards 5G; an innovative new business model between content owners and operators to bring media to people more conveniently; and industry transformation in the transport sector.

During the Media & Analyst briefing on Monday, February 27, Ericsson President and CEO Börje Ekholm said: "We are currently working to set the future direction of Ericsson. It takes grit and grace - and team spirit - to succeed on the digital frontier.  We will relentlessly push the technology frontier - and always ask ourselves how we can make our customers more successful. We know that it is what our customers expect from us, what they need from us in order for us to be their best partner also in the future.

Ekholm said: “5G will transform all industries, and our customers are already gearing up for the future by evolving their current 4G networks. This is the key foundation to enable the automation and business transformation needed for the Internet of Things, as well as data-hungry services like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.” In a new study, Ericsson foresees a 1.23 USD trillion market in 2026 to be addressed by 5G. Ekholm said: “This means that industries see the value of 5G and we will be there to grasp that opportunity”.

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