MWC 2017: Discover the M200, DJI professional drone resistant to rain and snow

With the Matrix 200, DJI proposes a drone for the professionals use. The versatile device for aerial imagery of facilities or sites resists rain and snow.

DJI, the world leader in recreational drones, unveiled at the MWC the Matrix 200, a versatile device for professionals. The M200 is intended for aerial imagery: once the camera is installed on its upper part -a first for the Chinese manufacturer- it ensures shots in places hardly accessible, such as the bridge structure or even buildings Parts.

To carry out these analytical missions, the M200, in line with the Inspire 2 and Mavic Pro, has a flight time of 35 minutes. It is especially capable of facing complicated weather conditions, such as rain and snow, like the coldest temperatures.


The M200, equipped with obstacle avoidance and flight planning systems, is also able to detect other nearby devices to avoid collisions. The drone can be controlled up to 7 seven kilometers and can carry up to 2 kilos.

Its use can also be envisaged in the context of research operations. DJI has not yet announced its price but its launch is expected between April and June 2017.

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