Illegal Downloads: Google and Microsoft will Corporate to Remove Pirate Websites!

The fight against piracy is becoming more and more serious, with two new allies who are none other than Google and Bing (Microsoft). While so far, both search engines display results of illegal websites, now it is the entire websites that will disappear from the search result of those engines. 

Last week, it was reported that a million websites had been requested to remove content from Google due to copyright infringements. Since march 2011, the US company has deleted 2.13 billion pirated URL from its search engine. Even so, there are some illegal URLs that retain their place in Google results.  

-Google and Microsoft corporate:

legal content owners and their representatives are therefore looking for a more effective solution. A solution that Google, Microsoft, and the British Intellectual property office (IPO) seem to have found. Both search engines plan to demote completely all the websites containing an URL infringing the copyright and not only the URL itself. consequently, internet users will have much more difficulty to access to it.

The aim is to remove the pirate websites, not only from the search results but also from proposed suggestions in the search bar. While this new measure is currently only in the UK, it is likely that it will inspire other countries that will not hesitate to put pressure on search engines.

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