HTC will Focus only on High-end Smartphones with a Higher Price!

HTC losses continue to increase as its turnover plummeted. The Taiwanese manufacturer may have found a solution to end this "disaster". Focus on high-end and sell only smartphones with a high price.

HTC announced yesterday disastrous financial results, as every quarter. The situation worsens a little more every three months but everything is not lost yet. Fortunately, it seems to have found its strategy as said yesterday Chia-Lin Chang,  President of Global Sales and Chief Financial Officer.

-A complete focus on high-end with high prices:  

Rather than relying on sale volumes, HTC is now focusing its strategy on profitability. Therefore, The company should produce fewer devices but only high-end models or mid-way between mid-range and high-end. This is the end of entry-level models for HTC, which are "ultra competitive" without "prospect of profitability". 

If among the big sellers of Smartphones like Samsung, it is the entry-level models that sell the most, HTC has now no longer the interest to offer smartphone less than $200. thought likely to generate a higher volume of sales, these devices are not profitable. In addition, this niche has become far more competitive, especially because of the  Chinese manufacturer.

This year, the company is expected to launch seven new smartphones. Two of them has already been presented in January (HTC U Ultra and HTC U Play). And for sure we will see a successor of the HTC 10.

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