Honor VR Camera: a 360° camera introduced by Huawei!

Huawei has several announcements to make during this weekend of MWC. The Manufacturer has already introduced some new devices, including the new the accessory destined to the smartphones of the brand: Honor VR camera.

This week, Honor not only unveiled the Honor V9 but also various accessories including a Virtual Reality camera. It plugs into the USB Type-C or micro USB port and can release a 360-degree photographs and movies with a 3K definition thanks to its two sensors. Also, it is compatible with Facebook, Youtube, and Snapchat live stream from the smartphone.

-Insta360 and Honor VR:

Huawei and Honor have teamed up with Insta360, to design the Honor VR camera. Moreover, the Insta360 Air model is very similar to the Honor VR camera, they both record in 3008 x 1504 pixels (3K) and connect directly to the micro USB or  USB Type-C port, not to mention the circular design and similar dimensions.

weights only 26.5 grams, the Insta360 can also be used with a PC or a selfie stick. For the price, the Honor VR Camera costs is still unknown, but we can say that it will be around $150 since the Insta360 price started at 100$. And it will be available "soon" according to Huawei.

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