Google Scans 750 Million Android Devices per Day in its Fight Against Malware!

Google revealed that the company was scanning up to 750 million android devices per day as part of the Verified App feature. This feature analyzes your device for malware threats. This information was revealed at the RSA 2017 conference.

Android OS has become very popular, being installed on nearly 3 out of 4 smartphones in the world. Therefore, it is the priority target for pirate and hackers, since Android is the target of a new malware every 11 seconds. However, Google has never let go of the security of their smartphones and developed the Verify Apps system exactly for that.

-Verify Apps scans 750 million Android devices per day:

Actually, few people have the feeling that the developers do this type of work. The presence of Verify Apps on android devices being stealthy. Fortunately, besides the end of Android 2.3 Gingerbread, the release of Google Play 10.2 services also marked the beginning of a new feature that will explain the scan made by Verify App in the future.

Google is making sure that its mobile OS is more secure than iOS, its latest figures showing that only 0.69% of Android devices were infected, with only 0.05% of users only passing through the Play Store to find their applications.

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