Google Pixel Sound Distortion Issues Fixed by the February Update!

The February security update finally fixes the problem of distortion of the sound that Google Pixel which posed many problems to google in terms of after-sale service.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL are one of the best android devices on the market. However, they are suffering from some problems. Google is trying somehow to fix them, especially the problem of sound distortion that has been annoying many users recently.

-A difficult problem for google:

About a month ago, a Reddit user had created a discussion where he showed that his Pixel and Pixel XL had a problem of sound distortion when the volume was at the maximum. He accompanied this with a video shows the problem and it turned out that he is not the only one to suffer from this issue.

The after-sale service of google repeatedly exchanged his smartphone and that of his wife without success, they even propose to him to refund his device. The users were confused about either if it's a software or hardware issue. And it turns out to be a software issue, since the February security update solves this problem. Therefore, the owners of the Pixel and Pixel XL can now enjoy their favorite music even if the volume is at the maximum.

To prove the functioning of this update, a user even filmed his smartphone before and after the update. You can find the video here

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