Google Pixel 2: The Creators Need your Opinion to Improve its Design!

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL came out only in a relativity limited selection of countries, but they found a good success. Except their design that doesn't seem very attractive. Therefore, the Pixel division manager is now turning to the Google community to help improve it. 

Last year, Google revealed the end of the Nexus range and introduced the new Pixel range. Actually, Google noticed that their design is not very appealing, and since we're going to get the Google Pixel 2 this year, the Manufacturer decides to turn to its community.

-A Google Pixel 2 made by the community:

A resemblance to the iPhone, a strange back... You have reproaches to make to the Pixels, and some idea to improve them? well, Krishna Kumar needs your opinion.

The product leader of the Pixel division has indeed opened a Google forum to lists critics and ideas from the community for his next device. The goal seems obvious, provide a Google Pixel 2 that overcome the bad point of the previous models by relying on the community opinions and critics.

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