Google Offers Virtual Reality Directly from its Chrome Browser!

Chrome users can now view virtual reality content from their browsers on Android phones that are compatible with the Google Daydream headset.

Specifically, Google announced the WebVR API, introduced in the beta version of its browser, has been integrated with the most recent update of Chrome.

Which means that it is now possible, from Chrome, to visit sites offering a virtual reality experience designed with this API. If you're using a Daydream-compatible phone (ZTE's Axon 7, Google's Pixel range, or Motorola's Z-Series), you just have to insert your device into the Daydream headset to enjoy the experience. No need to install anything.

If you do not have a Daydream headset, you can also view this type of content from the screen of your phone or computer, using your finger or your mouse pointer to interact with the elements. However, the WebVR API should also recognize the movements of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Megan Lindsay, WebVR's product manager at Google promises that this compatibility will be incorporated into Cardboard over the next few months.

The WebVR API has been integrated with Firefox Nightly, the browser version for developers, and that it is also being tested in the Edge browser under the build 15002 of Windows 10 and in the web browser Of Samsung for the GearVR.

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