Google Now Launcher sacrificed on Android

Google is preparing to withdraw the application launcher introduced on Android devices since the appearance of Google Now.

According to a memo obtained by Android Police (a leak that braves a confidentiality clause) and sent by Google to Android partner manufacturers, the Google Now Launcher lives its last days in the Google Play Store. A withdrawal was notified by the end of this first quarter.

From March 1, Google will no longer approve new devices that will provide by default this launcher applications appeared with the arrival of Google Now. However, its support will continue to persist through the updating of the Google Search application.

With Google Now Launcher's scheduled end, Google switches to the Google Search Launcher Services software library, which allows you to implement access to Google Now cards through a scan to the right from a launcher's home screen.

The Google Now Launcher was originally designed for Nexus devices from Google. Maybe Google also has the idea of extending the Pixel Launcher beyond the only compatibility with Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones (and as a complement to Google Assistant).

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