Google: disconnected from your account for no reason? don't worry!

Last night, users were disconnected from their Google account for no apparent reason, but don't worry it's not a piracy. Indeed, Google developers declared that they are aware of this issue and that it would be probably a bug.

-Sudden disconnection from Google accounts, but not enough to worry:

Indeed, some users ended up with a message on their phones inviting them to reconnect to their Google account. And in some cases, they weren't even able to login which leads to some fears concerning the piracy of the account. Fortunately, this is not the case. Today developers say:

We know some of you had issues signing in today. Please try again now. Rest easy -- your account's security was not affected.

This small bug has caused some other problems for some users, especially the ones who use Google Wifi who suddenly found themselves without internet connection. But do not worry, your Google account is still safe. It must be said that yesterday, the developer deployed more information on the login screen for the two-step verification. It is then assumed that this great wave of disconnection may have been linked to it 

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