Galaxy X1 Plus: A Flexible Screen with hinge to transform it into a Smartphone!

This year will be the first steps for flexible smartphones on the market. Samsung would be in the front of the line with the Galaxy X, which is unveiled today in a patent filed by the brand.

-The Galaxy X1 appears in a new patent:

Today, we discovered a new patent filing of Samsung surrounding its future flexible smartphone: the Galaxy X1. The patent has been filed in the US and shows a smartphone with flexible screen supported by a mechanical hinge.
However, we do not have any indication of its functionalities, since this patent concerns mainly its hinge system and not the device itself. It indicates however that the device would close on itself.

We already know that the Korean manufacturer has planned two different models of flexible screen devices, although we do not know yet in what form these will appear. This patent could therefore concern a new tablet rather than a smartphone, based on this single patent.

However, the Galaxy X1 Plus unfolding to turn into a good-sized tablet. it would therefore be surprising that this one is not related to the same concept of  2 in 1 device, from smartphone to tablet.

In 2017, the battle will take place on this kind of technologies. LG and Lenovo have also emerged on the field of flexible and foldable devices, and should enter the battlefield to compete with Samsung this year. We hope that this technology will see the light this year. 

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