Boston Dynamics: Handle an impressive robot that rolls and jumps!

The robotics company Boston Dynamics has unveiled a bipedal robot with two wheels called "Handle". It is able to travel at considerable speeds and carrying heavy weights.

During the Abundance 360 conference held in Beverly Hills, the Boston Dynamics company, specialized in robotics and bought by Google in 2013, presented "Handle", a bipedal agile robot mounted on wheels.

These allow it to stay in balance through an efficient stabilization system, while allowing, according to its developers, to lower the cost of manufacturing this ambitious robotic model.

If Handle has not been officially presented to the public, Steve Jurvetson, who is very influential in Silicon Valley, captured and posted online the presentation on his YouTube account, offering a welcome preview to the rest of the world.

Handle's arms allow it to carry heavy weights - hence its name - and to perform complex movements, such as its stabilization after a sudden acceleration or control of its rotation speed. Marc Raibert, the Boston Dynamics founder, expressed his enthusiasm in a special way: “This is the debut presentation of what I think will be a nightmare-inducing robot,

Handle is also able to jump over different obstacles, including at a high speed. Its military potential seems obvious, especially since the Boston Dynamics specialty is robotics. The company also unveiled to the entrepreneurs the quadruped robot "Harmony".

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