At the MWC, Oppo wants to show that it can innovate through mobile photography

The world's fourth manufacturer and the first in China is already dreaming in future Huawei. To convince the world, Oppo intends to impress the competition at the MWC Barcelona.

For many Chinese manufacturers, Barcelona, like Las Vegas, are a real gateway to the world. Installed next to their historical Korean or American competitors, Chinese youth benefit from international exhibitions to prevent the world of their unlimited ambitions.

Xiaomi breathless and Apple losing speed, Oppo -parent company of OnePlus- is today the new dragon reigning on Chinese lands. The country's first manufacturer has even recently qualified for the top five of the world's largest phone sellers. Far from being dizzy at such a growth, the Chinese leaders of the firm are determined to accelerate their extension.

Photography is a main theme of Huawei. With an ubesque teasing, Oppo is trying to convince the world that it has an appointment at MWC with a new revolutionary technology for mobile photography.

This latest innovation, coming out of the Oppo laboratories, would be the result of years of research, development and investment of the brand in photography. Chinese does not indicate if it worked on sensors or software processing only specifies that its technology named 5X will be a "major innovation".

Oppo's vice president, Sky Li, even goes so far to indicate that this famous 5X, which we do not know anything, "Will change the perception that the world has of photography on smartphone." Without wishing to disappoint the admirers of this Chinese dragon, we will only add that it is more or less the same lexicon that was served by Huawei to the introduction of the P9 and its dual sensor. An interesting development but necessarily below its promises of "revolution in our way of seeing the world". However, Huawei will have installed on the long-term the emerging trend to dual sensors, a feat of arms it deserves.

Furthermore, Oppo also illustrated in the introduction of a front sensor 16 megapixels in the past, a real technical focus on selfie that was quickly followed by the market, and by Samsung with its latest mid-range models that ship this type of sensor.

The revolution is set to take place on February 27th during the Mobile World Congress, we will certainly go measure the potential of this very young leader of the Asian tech.

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