Apple is developing a new chip for Mac laptops!

Apple is developing a new chip for Mac laptops that’s meant to improve their battery life!

The chip will reportedly handle some basic tasks, like checking for email and installing updates, while the computer is asleep. Apple currently relies on the MacBook’s main processor to handle these tasks!

The chip is supposed to be similar to the Apple-made processor that’s already being used inside MacBook Pros to manage the Touch Bar. It’s not entirely clear how helpful this will be for anyone who doesn’t regularly leave their MacBook unplugged for hours and hours at a time. The battery benefits may only come into play when the laptop is asleep, so it sounds like Apple could be trying to improve its computers’ standby time.

Apple may not even choose to highlight the existence of this new chip whenever it does get put inside a product, since MacBooks have had a low-power mode like this for several years now.

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