An artificial skin that can feel what it touches!

Engineers have created an artificial skin that can send that information straight into the brain.

The researchers hope that the creation of the new sensor could be another step towards creating an entire virtual skin. The research can lead to a flexible fabric full of sensors that could be put over a prosthetic limb, making it work just like a normal one.

"This is the first time a flexible, skin-like material has been able to detect pressure and also transmit a signal to a component of the nervous system," said Zhenan Bao, a professor of chemical engineering at Stanford. Our bodies have the ability to flex freely, heal, and can send very fine information about what they touch to the brain, and Bao has spent the last decade attempting to make a material that matches the characteristics of skin.

Engineers say that they will be able to add more sensing capabilities as they develop them, which brings hope to millions of humans suffering from problems related to skin in general! 

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