A New Dynamic and Talented Robot Will be Your Servant Soon!

A team of engineers from Oregon State University unveiled a new walking robot called Cassie today.

Bipedal robot has the ability to walk and balance themselves but Cassie looks far more balanced.

Funded by a $1 million, 16-month grant from DARPA, the experimental research arm of the Department of Defense, the robot’s makers recently spun off from the university to create their own robotics company, Agility Robotics.

Agility says it already has a small number of customers. The idea behind Cassie is to develop the robot to make home deliveries.if Cassie looks a bit more like an ostrich than a human, it wasn’t because Agility Robotics was specifically trying for an ostrich-like robot: They don’t want to necessarily mimic the morphology of animals but only gets inspiration from it.Agility Robotics intelligently designed Cassie to be agile, efficient, and robust, and this is the leg that they came up with.

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