A new Apple 4K TV before the end of the year?

Apple is currently working on the fifth generation of Apple TV that could see the light before the end of the year and whose main new feature would be the 4K resolution.

The 4K could be a selling point knowing that 4K TV sales are rising. In addition, Luca Maestri, Apple's chief financial officer, recently acknowledged that Apple TV sales had declined in the last quarter if compared to sales in the same quarter in 2015. eMarketer recently Revealed that Apple TV's market share was 11.9% last month versus 12.5% in September.

According to Bloomberg, Apple had several plans originally for the Apple TV, but they did not see the light. One of them involved a joystick included in the box. Apple finally abandoned the project. Same for a coaxial jack that existed on prototypes of the current Apple TV to allow to connect a cable and see the TV channels. Again, the project was abandoned.

The new Apple TV with support for the 4K is expected to arrive this year, but no release dates or additional details have been shared for now.

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