A Giant Star Is Headed Straight For Our Solar System!

Researchers have known for a while that a star called Gliese 710 is headed straight for our solar system!

The star is currently hurtling through space at about 32,000 mph, and is around 64 lightyears away. In fact One lightyear is around 5,878,000,000,000 miles.

The star is about half the size of our sun, and it is set to reach Earth in 1.35 million years. As far as we know, Gliese 710 isn't set to collide directly with Earth, but it will be passing through the Oort Cloud, a shell of trillions of icy objects at the furthest reaches of our solar system!

There are as many as 14 other stars that could come within a 3 light-year distance to us any time over the next few million years.

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