YouTube will launch a new in-app messaging platform

YouTube will launch a new in-app messaging platform in Canada starting on Wednesday.

The new feature is a built-in messaging platform, which let the user be able to directly send videos to others using a new button, plus create group conversations similar to other messaging applications that allow discussion or interactive features such as giving videos a heart icon to show appreciation. This app has been tested since mid-2016.

The company is unveiling its latest social feature in Canada, because as the Shimrit Ben Yair, San Francisco-based product manager for Google who headed up the project, that Canadian share more videos online than any other nation, “We wanted to start with Canada because Canadians are sharing 15 percent more videos than the average user, so it’s interesting to see this is actually a behavior that happens more in Canada”. 

The idea is to keep the sharing experience within YouTube instead of switching between other applications, which the company hopes will create a less cumbersome experience. According to YouTube’s internal data, the number of hours people spend watching YouTube continues to grow globally each year, especially on mobile and tablets

The Google’s YouTube app available in both the Android and iOS applications

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