You only have one day to retrieve your Vine archive

If you are reading this Tuesday, January 17, the situation is serious because it is the last day of Vine existence. So you still have a little time to download your videos before they disappear permanently.

The closing of the short videos platform Vine was a weird affair: first announced as dead and buried, it was finally narrowly saved by Twitter. But today, 17 January, the social network transformation plan will be achieved by transforming Vine in Vine Camera. Concretely, this means that you will not be able to download your Vines uploaded on the network.

We advise you to do it before the end of the day, if you do not want to see your six seconds videos disappear in the web. To save and keep your content permanently, there are two solutions.

Either you choose individually each Vines you want to keep on your smartphone. To do this, just launch the application of the social network (available on iOS and Android) and choose the visible option "Save videos".

So you save in video format the short animations of the social network on your phone. And you will always be able to access it.

If you want to go further and record all your videos, as well as video comments and all of your data, you need to download your Vine archive. To do this, simply go to and launch the application Download your Vines. Then the network will send you an email with a link to simply download your entire archive.

What will happen to Vine? Its site will become an archive of all the Vines to explore. A kind of social network frozen in time. And the mobile application will become Vine Camera and will create videos, at-the-Vine, for Twitter.

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