Volvo integrates Skype for Business in its 90 series

Volvo announced that Skype for Business will be integrated into the Infotainment Platform for the new 90 Series vehicles.

The automaker Volvo Car announced the integration of the unified communication solution Skype for Business in its vehicles of the Series 90.

Volvo will be the first to launch such a tool. To use it, drivers simply have to press their finger on the center console of their vehicle to enter a conference call.

The integration of Skype for Business will allow professionals to bypass some procedures associated with organizing conference calls, such as entering long login codes. Indeed, the app is indexed to the calendar of the phone in order to access it easily without entering a connection code.

Volvo and Microsoft are clearly doing everything they can to position Skype for Business as a "distraction reducer", rather than the reverse, according to information published in a joint release.

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