Video Speed Class V60/V90: 8k Certified SD Card!

AData has introduced two SD cards with a speed of 600x the basic speed of cd Burner, they are also 8k certified. With an availability starting this spring.

If the new Video Speed Class (VSC) classification is already 1 year old, the number of SD memory cards compatible with the highest speed classes remains low. AData has introduced a V6-comaptible 256GB microSDXC card, which has nothing to do with low bandwidth standard that you may have known a few days ago, but its availability remains unknown. we only know that it will be available this spring.

-Up to 90mb/s writing speed:

The manufacturer has several models of memory cards, with capacities ranging from 16 to 128 GB for the microSD and from 16 to 256 GB for SD cards. Using a UHS-I or UHC-II bus, these cards can reach a maximum rate of 225mb/s read and 195mb/s write (for the fastest ones).

Let's recall that the V6, V10, and V30 classes, 6mb/s, 10mb/s, and 30mb/s (min writing speed) are for recording HD and 4k streams. While the V60 and V90 classes 60mb/s and 90mb/s (min writing speed) are able to record 8k streams.

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