Top 5 Of The Most Interesting Robots Ever Made!

Robotic systems are all around us and interact in many aspects of our everyday lives. For example, many homeowners use robotic vacuums and lawn mowers as a convenience in their homes. Robotic components are used to assemble the cars that many of us drive. But nowadays robots are going to take many serious missions in our daily life. Many robots projects are going to be introduced in the CES event that takes place every January in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Here is the list of the most interesting robot of this year: 
1- Atlas: The robot that can get up no matter how powerful the strike he takes:


Atlas is a high mobility, humanoid robot designed to negotiate outdoor from Google Boston Dynamics, which was acquired by Google X, well the 13-Stone Atlas Robot has the ability to get up no matter how often it was pushed over!

2- Method 2 from South Korea: It seems like a robot from a movie like Aliens or Avatar:


Hankook Mirae Technology unveiled its Sci-Fic Mega Robot which represents the dream of enhancing human abilities through real robotics platform. In fact Method 2 takes its first baby steps as a real human-controlled robot!

3- A huge crowd of dancing Robots from China! 

More than 1000 dancing robots break world record in China, Named QRC-2, each of the 48.3 cm tall dancing robots were controlled from only one mobile and they have introduced a magnificent dance show in China!

4- Mini Spot: The robot dog servant!

Once again, Boston Dynamics, a robotics company, acquired by Google X, released a new Robot called Mini Spot, Surely, after the huge success of the BigDog, a project was funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in the hopes that it will be able to accompany soldiers in terrain too rough for conventional vehicles, the firm took action in order to go further in the industry by developing the Mini Spot, the robot can run, avoid objects and climb up stairs.

5-The Kengoro Robots: A robot can do more Push-Ups because it sweats! 


It's known that robots development has a big challenge relating to some technical matters such as heating problems, Engineers from the university of Tokyo, Japan solve the heat generating problem by designing a new robots cooling system, the process stands for making the water able to sweat out of their bones, the approach will bring the human sweating process to the robotics’ world!

There have been many efforts at robotic grasping in the past; however, it is a difficult area and research continues in the field. But it seems that plans are established from many international players to improve on the efforts made in the industry!

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