The New Mercedes-Benz Drone Delivery Van!

At CES this year, Mercedes-Benz brought a polished, complete version of their drone delivery van to display, complete with drones nested up on the roof, and a working intelligent front LED display. The van was impressive! 

Mercedes-Benz and drone startup Matternet launched a new service which they refer to as a ‘Vision Van.’ The idea is that the startup autonomous drones pick up packages from the van and then get them to their destination, the van can move around as needed to get the drones within their 12 mile range. The vans autonomously deliver and return, and can change out their own batteries for a fresh charge.

The project was unveiled at the CES 2017, and it seems that the van had many advanced features such as a front LED array, which can display rudimentary images, including animations of pedestrians crossing in front. The information display can also indicate the vehicle’s intended behavior! 

The project, in fact, can offers extra service to many giant package delivery companies such as DHL, Ups and many other similar firms, but Mercedes-Benz has no immediate plans to bring it to production.

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