The Dell 27 Ultrathin Monitor Is Coming To CES!

Dell is hoping to turn some heads at CES with the 27 Ultrathin, which holds one of the thinnest displays. Dell moved all its hardware setting down to the base, which makes the monitor seem almost like an all-in-one piece! 

The 27 Ultrathin certainly looks impressive. There’s a wonderful depth to complex imagery. The slim display is impressive from just about every angle, and its thin bezel also takes a cue from the XPS laptop lineup. The monitor also includes a USB-C connection with power support, an HDMI 2.0 port and an audio line out.

The 27-inch Quad HD screen also supports HDR, the company says it'll support higher contrast and color range than most consumer monitors, with support for up to 99 percent of the SRGB gamut. The screen also pivots on its stand, which lets you adjust its angle.

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