The best tech actu of the week

This week was full of news. To begin with, the announcement of the HTC U Ultra and U Play, as well as the announcement of the Nintendo Switch, and finally SpaceX successfully returns to launch with Iridium-1 NEXT Falcon 9 mission after last year Launchpad explosion!

HTC U Ultra and U Play:

Let’s start with HTC which announced this week, two new smartphones: The U Ultra and the U play. Both share the same design, with glass back bond color in multiple layers to reflect light beautifully, adding brilliance and depth from every angle. Which create a perfect blend of metal and glass. 

HTC seems very proud of these new surfaces whose color changing according to the ambient brightness and environment. Four colors will be available in the launch: Blue, White, Black, and Pink. The HTC U Play should be available in early march, at $476. The HTC U Ultra is expected to be available sooner, mid-February at $848.

Nintendo Switch:

Friday morning, Tatsumi Kimishima - CEO of Nintendo - took the floor to unveil many details about the release of his next console. As a reminder, the Nintendo Switch is a console at the crossroads of tablets and consoles: it can be used on a dock near the TV, but can also be carried in the format of a touchpad with Joysticks. The Switch will be marketed on March 3, for a price of $299.99. Nintendo said the console would not propose regional blocking, which a good news for players is wishing to import unavailable games in their countries. It is already available in pre-order, as well as some of its games.

SpaceX  launched Falcon 9:

Jumping to space, SpaceX closes this week with huge success in launching a Falcon 9 rocket, its first launch since a Falcon 9 rocket exploded on a launch pad in pre-flight procedures in September 2016.

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