Tesla’s Gigafactory Starts Producing Battery Cells !

Tesla’s massive Nevada Gigafactory has started producing battery cells in mass capacity, with the aim of supplying products.

Musk starts working on many projects under the umbrella of the new Nevada Gigafactory including the upcoming Model 3 electric vehicle and the Powerwall 2 home energy supply unit.

In fact, it’s a big step for the automaker, since production volume of the batteries it produces with partner Panasonic will be a huge jump which will promise good on Model 3 delivery timelines. Panasonic and Tesla’s new jointly designed cylindrical 2170 cells in particular, which is aimed at optimizing performance for cost. 

The aim is to start building battery cells destined for Model 3 cars starting in the second quarter of 2017.and will be used in production Powerwall 2 and Powerpack 2 unit too.

Tesla reported Tuesday that it built 83,922 vehicles across 2016, but delivered only 76,230. It cited missed shipping cut-offs and also production challenges caused by the shift to Tesla HW2 sensor packages in Model X and S vehicles, it seems that Elon Musk has great plans to fix the shipping delays problems and The Nevada Gigafactory presents a real proof to it!

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