Tesla: Superchargers become paying

Tesla announces the end of the free Superchargers. "Full" will be charged $20 for a car equipped with a 100 kW battery.

Beyond the car itself, the main innovation introduced by Tesla is a new-style business model based on innovative business practices. Faced with the increase of the customers, the Elon Mask Company is obliged to deny on some of its principles such as the free lifetime for Superchargers.

For every new customer on January 15, 2017, the kWh consumed in a Tesla station will be charged $0.20, ie a full tank at $20 for a model equipped with a 100 kWh battery. Tesla still offers 400 kWh credit, about 1600 km of autonomy. The choice of pricing is made by studying the cases according to the country. A judicious decision, the electricity price is not the same according to the technology used or the region of the world.

This change has several immediate effects, first of all it will allow to unclog the Superchargers which often serve as parking place. In addition, the funds raised will be reinvested to quickly develop the stations network, a strategic and vital choice before the arrival of the very popular Model 3. On the negative side, this limits the price competitiveness of the electric car that comes close to a hybrid vehicle.

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