Tefal will launch a smart stove this year

Tefal, the brand known for its cooking utensils, announces the upcoming marketing of smart stove In order to always succeed in cooking.

Intelligent objects invest all field. Classic product manufacturers are getting into, not wanting to miss the opportunity. This is the case of Tefal which has just announced the launch in a few months a smart stove.

Assisteo: The smart stove of Tefal

Tefal is a manufacturer that has always been innovative in the field of kitchen utensils, has launched a smart stove, named Assiteo.

This stove will be equipped with a sensor in the bottom to measure temperature. On the handle we will find a small box that will indicate according to a color code whether the temperature is good (green), too warm (red) or not enough (blue). The user can choose three types of cooking (cooking, searing, and simmering). With such a stove, the one who cooks will not have to remain in front of the cooking at any time and may do other occupations. A beep will remind him when there is need. This stove of a new kind is expected for the second half of the year. It will cost 39 euros for a model of 24 centimeters.

A smart stove for 2018

This stove is a first step. Indeed, in 2018, Tefal wants to go further with Assisteo. The stove can interact with a tablet. Simply choose a recipe, the stove will undertake to inform the user when it needs to add a particular ingredient, increase or otherwise reduce the power of the flame.

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