Targeting The Moon: Mining The Moon Is The Next Step!

The company that wants to mine the Moon has enough money for starting its mission! 

Moon Express, a California company with goals of mining the Moon someday has received full funding for its first trip to the lunar surface. The company just raised $20 million in its most recent round of financing.

The  money will go toward launching Moon Express’s MX-1E lander, which will explore and take pictures of the Moon’s surface after launching on an experimental rocket called the electron! 

The Electron that will launch the MX-1E lander is a brand-new vehicle manufactured by Rocket Lab, a US-based aerospace startup that plans to launch from New Zealand. Rocket Lab announced late last year that the rocket is ready, but a date for the inaugural flight has yet to be announced.

Moon Express has many other ambitions beside the MX-1E mission. The company wants to mine the Moon for resources, such as water that can be then repurposed for rocket fuel

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