Switch: Nintendo unveils its price and release date

As expected, Nintendo launched its conference dedicated to the presentation of the Switch. The opportunity to reveal the price, the availability date and to present its accessories.

Nintendo finally confirmed at the end of its conference that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would be released at the same time as the Switch. Pre-orders will also be launched tomorrow, for Japan for now.

Nintendo has not wasted time and quickly made the most important announcements: it is now known that the Switch will be marketed on March 3, for a price of $299.99. Nintendo said the console would not propose regional blocking, which is a good news for players wishing to import unavailable games in their countries.

Nintendo has proposed a retrospective of the different consoles proposed since the release of the famicom and explained that every innovation of each console is found in the Switch. The machine has a clean WiFi connection allowing it to create its own network: up to 8 consoles can be paired for local multiplayer games.

The Switch will offer three ways to play: On its dock connected to the TV, with joy-cons on each side for mobile operation and with the tablet on a table.

Nintendo has put forward its Joy-con, both mobile and detachable controllers. These offer some features, including an IR camera on the right module to be able to recognize user gestures and the items in front of him. Nintendo indicates that the module will be able to recognize a hand in the game of paper, sheet, and scissors.

The Left Joycon is equipped with an NFC sensor to recognize devices like the Amiibo, it also has a button dedicated to taking pictures and sharing them with friends. Each Joy-Con can be used separately, especially for two-player games on one console.

Regarding mobility, Nintendo announced that the autonomy of its machine would vary according to the titles launched, it evokes between 2:30 and 6:30 of autonomy.

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