SpaceX: The Falcon 9 launcher will finally resume service on January 14

After four months of suspension, the SpaceX rockets had to resume their flight today, the Falcon 9 launcher had to fly to position 10 mini satellites in orbit.

SpaceX had suspended its rockets since the explosion of its Falcon 9 launcher on September 1, 2016. The rocket, which was carrying an Amos-6 communications satellite from Spacecomm, exploded on take-off.

An investigation eventually identified a manufacturing defect located on the helium tank. A highly flammable fuel leak was the cause of the rocket explosion last September. SpaceX has announced that it has been working hard on the quality and safety checks of its launcher, and put in place a new procedure for filling the tank.

Today, a Falcon 9 launcher should be launched from the Vandenberg base in California at 18:22 UTC. The launcher will carry 10 small satellites of the Iridium Company. At the end of the month, SpaceX should also take care of launching EchoStar 23 from the launch pad Kennedy Center.

Finally, weather conditions were not fulfilled for SpaceX to validate the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket, which was pushed back to 14 January.

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