Samsung Galaxy S8: its design will soon have no secrets

After the images published by evleaks on twitter, here is a new Report which gives a good idea of what can be expected from the Galaxy S8.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 won't be present at Mobile World Congress, but the company will unveil its flagship a few weeks later.

However, here is the latest design of the Galaxy S8. The latter is very close to the photograph that we were able to discover this week. The Samsung logo is no longer present at the front of the smartphone, and a new button in the left side. This button could be customizable, but one of the most interesting assumptions is a button reserved for Google Assistant. The Google wizard would be easy to access.

This artificial intelligence function would be called Bixby and would handle payments, and might be able to recognize objects and text in an image via the camera. In addition, this wizard should be integrated into all S8 applications. A perfect competitor to Google Assistant and Siri.

Samsung should answer all these questions by formalizing its product at the end of March.

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