Samsung Display Introduces a New AMOLED!

Samsung Display is the Korean entity that designs the AMOLED screen equipping all Samsung smartphones, as well as curved, flexible screens. In their latest video, they show that the galaxy s8 will be borderless.

Samsung Display presents its latest improvement of the AMOLED technology, with features that we all know. The screen is even better contrasted, the colors are always more vivid, it consumes even less energy and it's even thinner. On the other hand, one of the "new" innovation highlighted is the ability of Samsung displays to create products with very thin borders, called "Borderless".

  One of the well known Borderless phones is the Xiaomi Mi Mix. This device has an IPS LCD panel with a strange definition of 2040 x 1080 pixels. The demonstration of Samsung Display is more impressive, the screen covers 94% of the front of the smartphone which is very impressive. Finally, we will most likely see this kind of screen in the Galaxy S8.

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