Rumor: towards a modular Alcatel smartphone for MWC 2017?

Will the Alcatel brand be the next to unveil a modular smartphone to extend its functionality?

The Chinese group TCL will undoubtedly unveil the merger result with BlackBerry when it officially announcing the BlackBerry Mercury smartphone at MWC 2017, but it will not give up the Alcatel brand that has gained visibility in the last two years.

And as Sony Mobile, the manufacturer is expected to unveil no less than five new smartphones during the event. According to the Hungarian blog, one of the models would be a modular smartphone. After LG Electronics and its LG G5 then Lenovo Motorola and the Moto Z family, Alcatel would therefore preparing to try its luck on this segment with double edges since it is necessary to add accessories that must be attractive enough to encourage their purchase.

Few details are given on the future potential model, except that it should be possible to add features by replacing the back shell. The modules possibilities are not evoked either but experience shows that they tend to turn around the photo or audio, smartphones key features.

The renderings of a punctuated shell marked with spots of colors broadcast by cast doubt on its function. Audio, visual, other?

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