Nvidia: GeForce GTX 2xxx graphics cards in detail

GeForce GTX 2xxx graphics cards expected in 2017 are leaked. We have names, features and prices.

In 2018, Nvidia should use a new microarchitecture called Volta and GDDR6 video memory for its graphics cards. But in the meantime, in 2017, the chameleon firm would expect to introduce a new GeForce GTX 2xxx family using a refreshed version of the current Pascal microarchitecture. It is to retaliate against the Vega generation of AMD competitor. We have also names, specifications and prices of these solutions, these data having been leaked.

At the beginning of the range, GeForce GTX 2050, GeForce GTX 2060 and GeForce GTX 2060 Ti in GP106 or GP107, with 768, 1,024 or 1,280 calculation units, a GPU rate that can climb to 2,100 MHz in Turbo mode, a GGDR5 or GDDR5X memory interfaced in 128 or 192-bit and a price oscillating between 139 and 229 dollars. In high end, GeForce GTX 2080, GeForce GTX 2080 Ti, and Titan Black V2 in GP102 or GP104, with between 2,048 and 3,840 calculation units, a GPU rate of up to 2,000 MHz in Turbo mode and a memory GGDR5X interfaced in 256 or 384-bit. The pricing would start at $349 for the GeForce GTX 2070 and would flirt with the $ 1,200 for the Titan Black V2. As usual, such leaks are to be taken lightly until it officially.

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