No Snapdragon 835 for LG G6... due to Samsung!

LG G6 may not take advantage of the Snapdragon 835, as its remain competitor Samsung, ensure the production of these processors and would have priority to use the available stock.

Since the announcement of the Snapdragon 835, it is sure that the US models of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will benefit from it.  But also other manufacturers are in position to integrate the latest SoC of Qualcomm. Among them, we find the Xiaomi Mi 6, or the one that interests us today the LG G6.

Unfortunately, it may be that the next LG flagship will not benefit from this integration and integrate "only" a Snapdragon 821. Indeed, Samsung has granted the right to use the stock of the new Snapdragon before all the others. This is not surprising since, even though these processors are designed by Qualcomm, their production is ensured by Samsung. 

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