Nintendo Switch: Online multiplayer will become paying, a free game per month

Nintendo revealed some details about the online features of the Switch, stating that it will have initially free access before moving some services in paid mode, including online multiplayer...

Following the new presentation on its next Nintendo game console - the Switch - we learn some details about its online features.

Until now, Nintendo offers its free online service but this will change. Indeed, Kyoto firm tells us that it must take advantage of all the free connected features in a first step, some services become paid from autumn 2017.

Indeed, gaming and online discussions will require subscribing to Nintendo's paying future, as is currently the case with the PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live. To justify this new pricing policy, Nintendo plans to offer exclusive promotions to its subscribers, offering a NES or Super NES game each month.

However, creating an online account, access to the eShop and the sharing screenshots remain free.

As a reminder, the Nintendo Switch will be marketed on March 3, 2017 at a price of $299.99

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