Nintendo Switch: High price of additional controllers

Nintendo revealed the prices of the joysticks that will be sold in parallel of the console in order to be able to play in local multiplayer. It is clear that the manufacturer will offer prices particularly high.

It's official, we know that the Nintendo Switch will be sold at $299.99 and, from March 3, 2017. Both bundles offer will include the console and a pair of Joy-Con, the new controllers designed by the manufacturer.

Considering that the console highlights the possibilities to play in multi-players mode in several configurations, what about the price of additional joysticks? Fortunately, Nintendo plays the gluttony card by offering relatively expensive accessories.

Another pair of Joy-Con will be sold at $79.99, while a Joy-Con alone will be posted at $49.99. The Pro Controller will be priced at $69.99.

It will also be possible to acquire an additional dock for the console (includes HDMI cable), which will be marketed at 89.99 euros.

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