Nintendo Announces Super Mario Odyssey for the Switch!

During its conference dedicated to the Switch, Nintendo has introduced several new games, including a new Super Mario of course. Super Mario Odyssey.

In this game you will not be in the famous Mushroom kingdom that player have known in most of the previous titles. Here, Mario will go to the "real world", including a city that recalls New York, a desert, a forest and more. However, it seems like the storyline is the same, saving the princess Peach and defeating Bowser... the graphics look cool but Nintendo has to pay more intention to the storyline.

Now, Mario wear a special cap that has eyes, Nintendo has not specified its usefulness for the moment, we have to wait a bit longer to know the details. For the rest, no specific details were given,  don't forget to check the trailer video bellow for the meantime.

This game will not be available when the Switch comes out, Nintendo has indeed announced that Super Mario Odyssey will be ready in the next holiday.

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