NASA Is Sending 6 Strangers To Hawai For Mars Living Training!

NASA can successfully launch a rocket to Mars and land it, but if the crew hates their roommates, the mission will certainly collapse.

In order to prepare for an eventual Mars mission, NASA has been running simulations for the past several years on top of an isolated volcano in Hawaii.

The mission is called Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation. The Journey will take place On Hawaii’s Mauna Loa volcano, six strangers will hold the profile of six astronauts who live in a simulated Martian environment for eight months. The location resembles to the geography of Mars!

The crew includes two woman and four man. And in August 2016, NASA finished the fourth round of the mission, in the last round of the mission, NASA experimented with virtual reality to help alleviate loneliness, and gave the astronauts a VR headset so they could experience the true facts about Mars. NASA seems very serious about its plans of Space's exploration stimulation, and Hawai project presents a practical proof for it!

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