Microsoft is unable to sell its Lumia and clings to office

Lumia sales continue to be disastrous quarter after quarter, but Microsoft can rejoice, the Office suite applications present a success on Android and iOS.

Microsoft presented the financial results for the second quarter of its fiscal year 2017. If the side of the cloud on Azure, Office and Surface Products everything looks fine, the same can not be said of the mobile results division.

As we know, the Windows 10 Mobile health is at its worst since Microsoft stopped investing in its Lumia branch and marketing, although the publisher continues the system development does not want to give up.

Fall of 81% turnover

The last quarter results show no improvement while covering the period of thanksgiving, the black Friday, Christmas and the New Year. So Microsoft reports that Mobile Division revenue is down 81% compared to last year, but did not say how many units were sold.

In the same quarter last year, Microsoft had revealed to have sold 4.5 million units. If we reduce this figure by 81% we get about 780 000 units, well below a million. Of course, the number of copies sold is not directly indexed to the turnover since it depends on the selling price of each unit, which fluctuates according to sales periods, but even so, it seems likely that Microsoft had a bad quarter.

After each quarter Lumia sales decline, the hope for a Windows return to the mobile market seems to be moving away.

Mobile Office is a success

Aware that it would not succeed with Windows Phone, Microsoft had launched a new mobile strategy from 2015. The publisher had decided to develop its application catalog for Android and iOS.

It seems that this strategy is successful, since Microsoft announced to have surpassed the 65 million monthly users active on Office for smartphone and tablet. That's more than double Of the 30 million users registered a year ago.

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