LG's G6 phone may get Google Assistant!

LG is reportedly bringing the Google Assistant to its flagship phone for spring.

So far, the Google Pixel and Pixel LX are the only phones to use Google's AI assistant, which it unveiled On October. If LG were to bring Google Assistant to the G6, it would make LG the first phone brand outside of Google to use the Assistant.

LG would also be second up to bat if it includes Amazon Alexa assistant in the G6, behind Huawei Mate 9.The South Korean company has already integrated Alexa into some of its devices, like the SmartThinQ Hub.

Google and Amazon may soon fight a battle over assistants on phones. While Amazon's Alexa won't make its smartphone debut until February, its hands-free voice activation pushes into the territory currently occupied by Google Now and Siri, especially as more and more devices work with Alexa in your home. Phones like the LG G6 may become ripe battlegrounds!

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