HTC: Where to watch the "All about U" conference Live!

This Saturday 12th, HTC will introduce new smartphones, including the famous HTC U Ultra. Here is how to watch the live conference.

In December, HTC Announced a special event in January. A few days after the CES 2017, the Taiwanese manufacturer intends to unveil new smartphones. The Event will be broadcasted live on HTC's official channel on Youtube. The event will start in January 12th, at 8 am UTC.

There is no doubt that HTC will introduce the HTC U Ultra for the first time, even if some images of the phone has been leaked lately. Also, the brand could reserve some other surprises. So make sure watch the live conference!

Here is the live time for some cities (as published on their official channel):

- Seattle: 00:00 PST
- New York: 
03:00 EST
- London: 
08:00 GMT
- Berlin: 
09:00 CET
- Dubai: 
12:00 GST
- New Delhi: 
13:30 IST
- Taipei: 
16:00 CST
- Tokyo: 
17:00 JST

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