HTC: smartwatches, it's over!

HTC abandons the smartwatches, failing to find the right formula to seduce the consumer.

If rumors have been agreed that HTC will unveil a new smartwatch with Android Wear, the official communication does not support them. Not at all.

While stolen photos showed a prototype, a few days ago, it will not lead to the marketing of a new model this year. Chialin Chang, a senior official at the Taiwanese giant has indeed said in a recent interview that no launch was expected in short term.

Chialin Chang explains that the right formula has not been found to offer an interesting experience and satisfy the consumer. He cites the Apple case, which has its pool of customers and high visibility, but the smartwatch sales have failed to really take off and even turn down. Now, the man does not speak of a final removal. The manufacturer therefore allows to come back later, if he has something really persuasive to offer.

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